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Dustin Bryan(non-registered)
Nice sneakers pic!! Nicely done site!
Sir , your photos are awesome!!! Can I paint some of them..? I am always checking out your works! I am one of your fans!!!
Ricky Seifert(non-registered)
Awesome Pics! No doubt about it you have the talent and the eye for digital photography. Now I know where to look for inspiration and guidance (hehe - if you have the time and patience to spare Duks). I bought a Canon DSLR 500D with its kit lens (18-55mm) and recently canon 75-300mm.
Ray Climaco(non-registered)
Really enjoyed the gallery w/sounds of George Benson, excellent photos bai.
Ronald Roberts(non-registered)
So enjoyed my brief tour through your gallery.
Many, many enjoyable shots here. Thanks for sharing! (very nice site and music too).
Fr. Bobby Ebisa, SVD(non-registered)
Dukz, great photos and amazing shots... Continue inspiring us by freezing moments for eternal memory!
John Richard Noel(non-registered)
Awesome Photos Dukz. Keep it coming.
Mary Anne(non-registered)
Sus, amazing work. You have good taste in your choice of objects or theme. way to go Cuz!
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